Sacred Space Giving

Access The Catholic Astronomer Blog!

Join the Sacred Space Giving Program! You will have reserved access to the NEW Catholic Astronomer blog that will allow you to join the conversations, receive a copy of the Sacred Space Prayer Book and, depending on the level you chose, the possibility of having one of the astronomers connect via Skype to your school or club.  See below for details of the various giving levels starting at only $10 per month. An electronic monthly donation drafted directly from your credit card makes giving simple.


Please allow up to 48 hours for your access to the Catholic Astronomer to be validated. A password and user ID will be emailed to you once your subscription is validated.

   Pleiades Membership: $10 per month (minimum)

Pleiades Members receive the annual Sacred Space prayer book and full access to the Catholic Astronomer website.

  Hercules Membership: $50 per month

At the Hercules level, in addition to the above, members also receive their choice of any book from our current book store.

   Andromeda Membership: $100 per month

In addition to all of the above, Andromeda members may have an astronomer from the Vatican Observatory to connect for one hour via Skype to the school classroom or club of your choice.

All Sacred Space members will receive a copy of Sacred Space: The Prayer Book, a year-long prayer book for thoughtful Christians with busy lives. With daily scripture readings and meditations in the Ignatian tradition, this well-respected book is a popular, portable, and accessible, prayer book published by the Irish Jesuits.

The Vatican Observatory Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation. Charitable donations are eligible for a tax deduction.